Laser Engraving


Kasson Laser Graphics we strive to find a material that we can't laser! 

Stainless Steel,  Anodized Aluminum,
Brass, Titanium, Coated, Painted
and Bare Metals.

On stainless steel we can engrave in five different colors, including black, copper, and pearl white. We can laser on any Anodized surface to reveal bare material. On all surfaces we can engrave any text or graphic. Even on Painted surfaces.

Glass and Ceramic
All types of Glassware, Crystal and Granite, Marble, and Ceramic 

Engraving glassware is one of our favorite projects to engrave.

Who doesn't love a tall pilsner glass with a personalized logo made just for you!  Laser engraving ceramic gives a really nice crisp black color on text and graphics. On dark granite and marble we laser any picture directly to the stone. Very Nice! 

Acrylic, Delrin Corian, and Ultem

On many types of plastics we can raster engrave any size text or graphics. Also using vector engraving we can cut any size shape or configuration of shapes. On many plastics we can cut up to .375 of an inch thick. Engraving some plastics gives a brite white etching and others will give a nice black color.   

And Everything Else
Wood, Wood Veneer, Fabric, Cloth, Leather,
Paper, Pressboard, Rubber, and Cork

As for everything else under the sun, this is the easy stuff.

Wood, cork, rubber, paper, and leather. This stuff is just like BUTTER!

Give us a try and let us show you what we can do.

Photo Frames, Wedding ,Gift Sets

Browse our catalogs to look for ideas .  Get a personalized touch for that hard to buy person  or a major occasion that  needs an extra  special gift.

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